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The Thomas Elliot Organ

The Thomas Elliot Organ

The restoration in 2009 - detailed specification

Detailed specification of the organ after restoration in 2009

There have been a number of changes made to the instrument during the 2009 restoration.

The 1853 Pedal department had 17 notes (GG - c). By 1978 the compass was 27 notes (C - d1) with a radiating and concave pedalboard. By making a new pedalboard in 19th century style, with concave but parallel keys, it was possible to fit a standard 30 notes in (C - f1). The four lower notes that have been restored on the manuals (GG - BB) would not have been possible to accommodate as part of the normal pedalboard, so four extra toe pedals have been fitted just above the lower pedal keys.

The four largest metal pipes from the Open Diapason have been missing for a long time, so new ones were made by Stinkens, of Amsterdam, following the scaling and manufacturing details of the existing pipes.
Many of the old pipes show signs of creeping metal, so the new ones have copper lining in the feet.

Below Tenor C the Swell remains coupled to the Choir.

Specification after the 2009 Restoration
Great Organ Swell Organ Choir Organ Pedal Organ (19th cent. style) Couplers
(CC to F 54 Notes) (C to F 42 Notes) (CC to F 54 Notes) (CC to F 30 Notes) and Great to Swell
Stop diapason 8 Stop diapason 8 Stop diapason 8 (GG to BB 4 Toe Pedals) Pedals to Great
Open diapason 8 Open diapason 8 Dulciana 8 Pedal Pipes 16 Pedals (to Choir)
Principal 4 Principal 4 Flute 4 (Bourdon)  
Twelfth 2.2/3 Trumpet Principal 4    
Fifteenth 2 Hautboy Cremona    
Sesquialtera 2 rks        
Mixture 2 rks        
Trumpet Treble 8        
Trumpet Bass 8