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The Thomas Elliot Organ

The Thomas Elliot Organ

The restoration in 1978

Two removals and the passage of 160 years exacted their toll from the unique instrument. In 1978 major restoration work was carried out by Bowen Organs (Northampton Limited) with guidance from the Organs Advisory Committee of the General Synod of the Council for Places of Worship. The organ was dismantled completely, the bellows re-leathered, the sound boards repaired and re-palletted and the whole of the manual, pedal and drawstop actions refurbished. 22 pipes which were missing in the Sesquialtera and Mixture were replaced and the composition of both ranks was reassembled with breaks as customary in early l9th century organs. The Trumpet Treble pipes are original Elliot.

The Thomas Elliot Organ

At the 1978 restoration the previously damaged or missing Trumpet Base pipes were made up by using 24 pipes producing a sound compatible with the Trumpet Treble. Originally the Swell had an Hautboy and the Choir a Cremona but it is to be regretted that at the time of the restoration only a few pipes of each rank remained and they were damaged beyond repair. Replacements to the original specification had to be excluded due to cost. A Seventeenth was added temporarily to the Swell from middle C upwards, 30 pipes, pending restoration of the Hautboy. The Pedal Pipe (Bourdon) were extended from the then existing bottom octave by 13 new pipes to complete the full compass of the pedal board. Repairs to and refurbishing of the casework and organ chamber were carried out during the 1978 restoration by voluntary help within the Parish.

Specification after the 1978 Restoration
Great Organ Swell Organ Choir Organ Pedal Organ Couplers
(CC to F 54 Notes) (C to F 42 Notes) (CC to F 54 Notes) (CC to D 27 Notes) Great to Swell
Stop diapason 8 Stop diapason 8 Stop diapason 8 Pedal Pipes 16 Pedals to Great
Open diapason 8 Open diapason 8 Dulciana 8 (Bourdon) Pedals (to Choir)
Principal 4 Principal 4 Flute 4
Twelfth 2.2/3 Piccolo 2 Principal 4
Fifteenth 2 Piccolo 1  
Sesquialtera 2 rks Seventeenth 1.3/5  
Mixture 2 rks    
Trumpet Treble 8    
Trumpet Bass 8    

Below Tenor C the Swell is coupled to the Choir.

The above text was written by Alan Shaw (deceased) Organist & co-ordinator of the volunteers during the 1978 restoration.