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St Margaret's Church

Crick Village

Clubs and Societies

The Crickets Vocal Group
The Crickets Vocal Group is a group of local singers from Crick, and neighbouring villages, which gets together to sing madrigals and a variety of songs from the past. The group is about 20 strong, consists of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses and meets generally on a fortnightly basis for rehearsals - usually a Tuesday morning at 10.30am at The Chapel, Main Street, Yelvertoft.
Male voices are especially required at the present time!
Contact    Loraine Winn    01788 822415

St.Margaret's Church Choir
St.Margaret's Church Choir is a group made up of local sopranos and altos who sing at services on the 1st and 3rd Sundays in each month. The choir is currently about seven strong, and is always happy to welcome new singers - particularly tenors and basses.
Contact    Loraine Winn    01788 822415

The Scratch Choir at the Carol Service in St.Margaret's Church
The Scratch Choir is a group of local singers from Crick, neighbouring villages, and counties, which gets together in Novemeber and December each year to rehearse a number of carols and hymns that will be sung at the Lessons and Carols Service in St.Margaret's Church at 6.00pm on the last Sunday before Christmas. The group usually grows to about 20 strong, with sopranos, altos, tenors and basses, and includes a number of experienced singers. Rehearsal dates will be finalised nearer the time. Male voices are especially in demand!
Contact    Nigel Howard    01788 823390

Yelvertoft Ladies Choir
Telvertoft Ladies Choir are a group of local ladies from Yelvertoft and neighbouring villages who get together to sing a variety of songs. The group are about 20 strong and they meet up generally on a weekly basis for rehearsals on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm.
Contact    Loraine Winn    01788 822415

Open to boys and girls between 6 and 8 years of age
Contact Paul Crocker 01788 822747

Look for contacts in Crick News
Contact Paul Crocker 01788 822747

Open to boys and girls between 8 and 10½ years of age
Contact        Paul Crocker 01788 822747      cubs@crockerhome.co.uk

Contact        Paul Crocker 01788 822747

Bowls Club(Indoor, Short Mat)
Venue: Village Hall

Cricket Club
Contact        Alan Simms    01788 844125

Cycling Club
Contact    Pat Banyard-Smith    01788 822091

Darby and Joan
Venue: Village Hall
Contact:     Gwyneth Nisbet     01788 822679

Drama Group
Crick Drama Group perform pantomime and plays – adult and junior at Crick Village Hall
Contact    Nanda Merchant    01788 823500

Football (Crick Athletic Football Club)
Wilf Simms    01788 822618
Paul Lane    01788 822580
Alan Simms    01788 844125
Tim Hawkin    07774835359
Or E-mail  margret.Sinclair@ntlword.com

Golf Society
Crick Golf Society is active and meets infrequently
Contact     Dennis Kirk    01788 824754

History Society
See Crick History Society

Playing Field Association
Contact        Wilf Simms    01788 822618

New Sports Field Development
The aim is to develop a new sports comples on the ground on Yelvertoft Road
Contact       Tim Cantwell    01327 302403    TCantwell@daventrydc.gov.uk

Tennis Club
There is a court outside the Village Hall
Contact    Dennis Kirk 01788 824754

Women's Running Network - Crick Crackers
The Womens Running Network is a women's running movement founded in 1998 in Devon by Pauline Beare and Peggy Wiseman to inspire women of all ages to run for fun and fitness. Sue Whitling runs groups in Crick, all of which are aimed at complete beginners for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Contact Sue Whitling 07748 591307 sue@whitlingmarine.com  See also www.womensrunningnetwork.co.uk